Sunday, June 8, 2014

Learning about Flags

When we drive or walk around, we happen to see flags everywhere. The Italian restaurant displays an Italian flag. The Irish pub has an Irish flag hanging.

For the birthdays in our house, I have made a birthday flag. Flags and buntings happen to be part of our lives.

Maximan started to notice this flags. It started with the Dutch flag and after that the American flag. "Mom, why are they different?" His interest was triggered. We read the book "Good Night, Animal World" and it started with children from all over the world and they were showing their national flags too. This opens up the possibility to talk about national flags, state flags, countries, chauvinism, history and pride.

For us a flag gives a feeling of proudness and belonging. The Dutch flag is our flag but we don't know yet what the colors of our flag mean. The American flag is Dad's flag, together with the Dutch flag and it is a flag that is growing on us. We like how the flag looks and we know that the stars on the flag represents all the 50 states of the United States. But there is much more to learn.

Why do countries, states, provinces or groups of people have flags. What is the need to have a flag? Where does it stand for?

So this week we will make a World Flag Bunting available at and talk more about countries, culture and history.

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