Our Promise

Being able to give your child the gift of your time and attention, is a true gift. It is great to have the opportunity to teach them to have respect for all living creatures, to have respect for all things in life in a way that feels right. When our children were born we made them a promise:
Along your journey here,
We promise to be there for you
To guide you
To inspire you
And to love you
For us home education is part of that promise. Home education and eclectic paganism go hand in hand in lots of ways. We have more time to spend with our children and teach them about nature and all the other things that are important to us and to them. That it is important for instance, to help someone who is in need. Our goal for our boys is that they have the possibility to go to any university they want and more important is becoming a spiritual self-fulfilled and a good person.
People around us say "how will you do it? We don't have time!" To be honest, so far it works for us and time will tell. We have a very flexible schedule and can go where our boy(s) needs to be.

So Why Home Education?

My husband and I both made the choice for home education a couple of years ago when our oldest was still a baby. We were looking into schools in our city and couldn't find a school that fit our beliefs, our values. Actually, we both thought of the option of home education without knowing it from the other and luckily we BOTH made the choice for home education. We value our beliefs and wanted our little boy to grow up in a stable environment where our beliefs where carried out by everyone around him. How different our life would have been if we would have had different opinions. But that was not the case, this is just our way. We incorporated home education in our way of living. You can say that everything and nothing is education. Opportunities for education are everywhere! It is a way of living. Our oldest will turn four in a couple of months and in a playfull way, based on his interests we offer him an eclectic kindergarten curriculum. Which means that we are not afraid to mix and match different styles based on our child needs. At this moment, the most important things that keep us occupied during the day are going outside enjoying nature and socializing. And while we are outside we are learning a lot about all the things we see and of course from the people we meet. All this is and will be part of our curriculum.


This is THE question we get most of the time. And of course, there are some children that need the school environment to thrive but we have found that our boy does well without it. But back to the question I hear so many people ask is, “What about the socialization aspect?” And by the gods I dislike that question as so do many of the home educators I know. How is a child that runs around home education meetings and other social activities with all those other children unsocialized? And think about how many times he has to answer this exact question. We don't want our children to end up in the current ratrace of becoming the fastest, etc. We want them to enjoy their journey of learning and exploring. To be kind and considerate and to be able to take care of themselves, eachother and others. Just remember life isn’t a race. It is the journey that matters and you now have the possibility to live your dream! 

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